Ethical Marketing Book

What is the book about?

When you are the brand and your reputation is on the line, the way you do your marketing matters. Until someone becomes a client, the only impression they have of your work is via marketing.

So what does your marketing say about you? More than you might think.

Many so-called marketing experts peddle high-pressure sales, clever pricing tricks, or expensive paid Ads as being the only ways to make marketing ‘work’. For many of you, this feels manipulative – it isn’t the way you want to start a client relationship.

There is another way: ethical marketing.

Ethical marketing is being truthful and transparent in order to build trust. When you truly believe in your work’s value, you don’t have to trick people into buying it. When you’re transparent about the value you deliver and how it works, you become trustworthy. Ethical marketing gives potential clients the confidence to make an informed decision, and get genuinely excited about working with you.

This book is a practical guide to effective and ethical marketing – for coaches, mentors, thought-leaders, solopreneurs and people who inspire, make, or lead change in the world.

It will change how you think about marketing and how you do it. There are no bullshit tactics, get-rich schemes, or high-pressure sales formulas. This book will show you how to be clear and confident about who you can serve most effectively, what value you deliver, and why people can trust you to deliver it.

Most of all, it will empower you to make a meaningful change and impact in your world.

Drawing of the Ethical Marketing Book

About the author

My name is Simon Batchelar, I’m a Marketing Mentor and the co-founder of Better Bolder Braver – a community for coaches that provides marketing training and support.

I’ve run my own marketing agency for almost 20 years and in that time we’ve transformed over 400 small businesses. I worked as a sound editor and sound recordist in TV & Commercials for 10 years.

My vision is to change the way people think about and do marketing and inspire them to use Ethical Marketing to talk more confidently about their impact and the powerful work that they do.

Simon Batchelar Marketing Mentor

Why are you writing this ethical marketing book?

Anyone who has messaged me, read an email I’ve written, or tried to read my handwriting knows I’m dyslexic and reject the concept of correct spelling. Instead of grammar lessons at primary school, I had drum lessons, for five years in a row (I was in cahoots with the drum teacher who moved my lessons so I could avoid grammar!) This goes a long way to explaining my use of the English language and general writing capability. It also means I now rely on Grammarly and Dave, my copywriter, to make my work both readable and, I hope, enjoyable.

Why write a book? Other than the fact my flat isn’t big enough for a drum kit, the simple reason is that I couldn’t find the book I wanted to read. There are lots of books about marketing but most lack ethical advice. A small number have an ethical focus, and I want to help change the conversation and rise above the ‘experts’ peddling the usual tactics, hacks and bullshit.

I wasn’t sure I was the person to fill this book-shaped gap until I heard Rob Fitzpatrick talking on Happy Startup’s Friday Fireside. The passion and energy with which he spoke about writing a book made me feel like I could actually do it. So I read his book “Write Useful Books” and spent a few months thinking of ideas and titles, and testing the patience of my partner.

Then, last week I took the first step – I opened a Google Doc and titled it Book. I joined Rob’s Useful authors community. And I have started writing!

What exactly am I writing?

Having worked in marketing and advertising for almost 20 years now I’ve seen any number of ways to ‘trick’ people into buying things. You can influence people’s purchasing decisions and even control the whole process if you have the budget.

If you’re selling ‘stuff’ or yet more crap people don’t need then this might work well for you. It’s what most marketing books are about and most of the so-called experts out there have been dining out on the same old tactics for years now.

When it comes to coaches or people who work with people, the most common thing I see is experts tricking people into buying their programme, in which they teach those people how to trick their clients into buying their programmes. It’s purely a money-making machine (or so they claim!)

If however, you want to work with people on a deeper level, really get to know them, and bring some value to their lives then using the same old marketing tricks just isn’t going to work. This is the challenge. If you want to coach, mentor or inspire change in the world then how do you do ‘marketing’ when none of it sits right with what you do? Why is no one talking about how to do this? Why hasn’t someone written a book about how to do it?

Well, I’m working on it, and you can be kept up to date with my progress using the email signup below.